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Tiya > Body and face Argan bar (SOLD OUT)

100% natural argan soap is made completely by hand with the purest Moroccan argan oil to preserve its essential fatty acids, intense source of hydration and softness, it nourishes, moisturizes and softens your skin, while perfectly cleansing it. This soap is ph-neutral, cold stirred, and suitable for all skin types, whether dry or oily. Read more...

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Argan Oil Jasmin Body Oil

Lalla > Body Oil, Argan Oil-Jasmin

Get all the benefits of Argan Oil, enhanced with the jasmin essential oil scent, which according to a research published by German scientists ,Instead of taking sleeping pills or mood-enhancing pharmaceuticals, people should try a whiff of.


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Illi > Facial Mist, Orange Blossom

Reminiscent of an afternoon stroll through fragrant orange groves, this mist is perfect after a stressful day. A perfect refresher to enliven and revitalize the senses. It is excellent for reviving and balancing dull skin.  Read more...

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