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The last single digit..


I don’t know how it happened! My baby turned 9.. Hard to believe how fast time has passed. So blessed and proud to call such an amazing boy, my son.


Picture by Carrie Mundy, For the love of photography

 Sometimes I catch myself staring at him, amazed that he’s really mine. I’m in awe of his kindness, cleverness, beauty…  And I’m in love with his fun, yet serious personality.

I am so looking forward to see what he’ll achieve.. He is destined for great things in life.

I sit here, looking back through his pictures, wondering where the time has gone…


Picture by Carrie Mundy, For the love of photography

With love..


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Celebrate being alive..


I hope you’re doing something special today to celebrate being alive!

ArgaWise Love

ArgaWise Love

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come  alive and go do it! Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  H.Thurman

With love..


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Real or Fake?


Hello ArgaWisers!

With so many Moroccan Argan Oil products on the market, I get lots of emails, calls, Facebook messages… asking how ArgaWise Argan Oil is different from others, which I totally understand!

It is heartbreaking (for a Moroccan gal) to see all the FAKE, diluted or over-processed oils in the market, fooling people into thinking they’re getting the Real, 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil.

ArgaWise Argan Oil is:

1-  100% Pure and Organic

Every bottle contains only Organic, 100% Pure Argan Oil. It’s not a blend. It contains no preservatives, fragrances, or other oils.

2- First Cold Pressed

The Argan nuts are pressed only once, and heat is never applied to them. This ensures that all the vital nutrients—including Vitamin E and essential fatty acids are kept intact

3- Empowers women & helps the Planet

Argan Oil sales provide the women, working in the industry, with a steady income, fair wage, and literacy classes. Women cooperatives work within a biosphere protected by UNESCO, which ensures its protection and reforestation.

This video from CNN gives an amazing overview of how the real Argan Oil is made, and how it empowers women, through local co-ops.

With Love..

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French magazines..


I brought back from Paris. tons of French magazines, to read over the weeks to come 🙂 I opened one this morning, and look what I found..

Argan Oil Top Sante

Every year a new crop of super miracle beauty ingredient/product pops up, only to fade after the next one is born.

Argan oil is pretty new in the US, but French tourists discovered it in Morocco years and years ago, and it’s all over the french market, and demand is still strong and growing.

It is definitely the “Miracle” oil, and yes IT DOES  reduce fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizes skin, banishes acne, improves skin tone, fades scars, tames hair frizz, heals split ends, strengthens nails, softens cuticles and conditions lips.

And yes, IT CAN be incorporated into makeup, hair and skin products, IT IS completely natural, good for the environment and helps support fair wages for women in Morocco.

Plus, Argan Oil is super lightweight and absorbs quickly.

Unfortunately, demand became unsustainable and fake oils/blends became predominant, so be aware of fake Argan Oil!

Très bonne journée!

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Do more of what makes you awesome!


Hi Beauties!

How’s your Monday going? Already stressed out? Looking at your schedule makes you cranky? Your inbox contains e-mail after e-mail with what seem like impossible demands? …

Take a deep breath. Let it fill your lungs, sip in more air. Hold for three seconds. Now exhale very slowly. There! Don’t you feel better?



Go for a walk during your lunch break, or maybe a run in your neighborhood after work, or simply nourish your body with  a healthy, nutritious lunch.. but whatever it is, just think balance!

Take time to bliss out. It’s always good to disconnect to connect…

With love, health & happiness!

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DIY Kiwi Facial Scrub


Everybody wants to know the secret to gorgeous, glowing skin. Well, look no further than your kitchen. I’m a big fan of natural, do it yourself face masks & scrubs. A rule I live by is, if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your face!

Cold weather can cause dead skin build-up. This scrub will remove the dull layer naturally, and will leave your skin soft and glowing.

What you’ll need: 

  • Brown sugar
  • 1/2 Kiwi
  • 100% Argan Oil

Argan Oil Scrub

Brown sugar has a coarse texture, yet is the softest scrub, because It gently melts on the face as you blend it in, and the vitamin C in the kiwi will keep your skin looking youthful and protected.

In addition to its antioxidant properties, Kiwi provides beneficial ingredients to help clean out the pores and prevent future breakouts.



Scrub in a circular motion all over your face (avoiding eyes!) for about a minute or so, rinse, towel blot your face dry, then follow with a rich coat of 100% Pure Argan Oil, to saturate the skin with vitamins and moisture.

Applying products on freshly exfoliated skin allows them to absorb better.

Now I wanna hear from you, please give it a try, and let me know what you think.

With Love,

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My Three-Day Juicing Detox Experience


Hello ArgaWise lovers!

As you may know by now, I recently fell very sick for over a month. My doctor thought I had some kind of allergies, then a sinus infection, but it turned out to be nasal polyps; thank goodness! I was seriously thinking something was wrong with my immune system. And, in case you’re wondering, yes, I have a new doctor.

Two courses of antibiotics, steroids boosted later, my sinuses got better, but my body felt weird after all those drugs! I needed to detoxify and get rid of the toxins I felt remained in my body. I decided to take my first dive into the world of juicing by attempting a 3-day pressed green juice cleanse.


Let me tell you, drinking freshly squeezed green veggies and nothing else for 3 days is something! There were ups and downs, moments of euphoria and moments of major irritability.

But boy did my body & mind love it!!

I for sure have more energy (because juicing reduces the energy the body needs to digest foods), I sleep better,  I feel so hydrated, and I kissed the bloating bye bye.

I am making 2014 my healthiest year ever, by drinking a blended green juice daily, will you join me?

I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? If so, what was your experience? If not, is it something you would be willing to try?

With love and health!

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DIY Mask For Dark Spots & dehydrated skin


Good morning friends!

Who doesn’t like an easy, no mess, DIY mask that really works?! Yes really really..  and you can see a difference after the first application! No joke.

Green your routine, trust nature and transform your skin.. Seeing is believing!

All you need is a natural soap, 100% Pure Argan Oil, and an orange!


Before going to bed, wash your face with the natural soap, leave it on for 30-40 seconds (trust me on this one). After rinsing, gently massage your face and neck with Argan Oil until it’s absorbed. Last but not least, squeeze the juice from your orange into a small bowl. Apply it to your face and neck with a brush, cotton or just your fingers. It will dry up quickly, you won’t even feel it. And go have yourself a good night. All you need to do in the morning is wash your face with water, and voila!

Take a look at your skin, it will be glowing, nourished, hydrated and balanced. Do it every night for a week, and your Hollywood friends will be wondering if you went under the knife! My husband even noticed it in low light! And my 8 year old son keeps complimenting me on how my face looks.

Why, you may wonder? I attribute it to the following reasons: the orange is rich in Vitamin C which reduces damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet B radiation and prevents the consequences of long-term sun exposure, aka dark spots & discolored patches. The Argan Oil works to seal in hydration and to saturate the skin with vitamins and moisture.

Now I wanna hear from you, please give it a try, and let me know what you think. You can thank me later.



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The Khamsa Unveiled by Sarah Hassaine


“The khamsa is one of my favorite symbols,” said Founder and CEO of Argawise, Hoda Ait Rahou. She was smiling sweetly as she explained what the ancient Middle Eastern amulet meant to her and why she had intentionally chosen it as the logo of her business. “I grew up in Morocco where it is a powerful talisman for good luck. We believe that it works as a sort of magical protection from the envious or evil eye. It is a symbol of patience, loyalty, faith and resistance against all challenges.”

ArgaWise, Pure Argan Oil Logo

Across many cultures and faiths, the khamsa is known to be a protective symbol and for centuries people have regarded it as an emblem that will bring happiness, health, and good fortune.

Khamsa means the number five in Arabic, as it is a hand, it perfectly reflects the five digits (fingers). The number five has additional symbolic meaning in the Jewish and Islamic traditions. Five (hamesh in Hebrew) represents the five books of the Torah for Jews. It also symbolizes the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, “Heh”, which represents one of God’s holy names. In Islam, it symbolizes the five main pillars.

Across the world, each community fills the inside of the hand with the icons that are important for its own culture. Some decorate it traditionally, some put the evil eye symbol, some put little prayers, others put religious pictures, the selection is endless.

It is very common to see the khamsa contain an eye symbol, which is also another powerful talisman against negativity, commonly coined as the evil eye. It is most often worn as jewelry, on a bracelet, as a necklace, or earrings and it is most commonly found as a decorative element in houses, on key chains and is quickly gaining popularity as an amulet in baby carriages. Similar to the khamsa, the eye fights off the effects of the evil eye from someone, it brings its wearer or owner good fortune and protects them. Together, the khamsa and eye are thought to withstand against many adversities.

This fear of the concept of the evil eye has been ongoing since prehistoric times. It represents the fear of bad things happening from someone’s negative emotions, like jealousy, hatred and envy from people around us. It may be from people you know, to people you do not know. It may be malicious, or unintentional. Regardless, there is a popular belief that these negative emotions projected from others are the cause of a lot of “bad things” that happen to people. Families across the world place the khamsa in their home so that visitors can see it right away upon entry and know that the home is protected.

What is unique about the khamsa is that it has kept its original format and meaning since its inception. Archaeological digs in the Middle East have proven that the khamsa pre-dates religion and that it originated with the Phoenicians and was used as a protective symbol for an ancient Middle Eastern goddess offering protection from evil and misfortune. Its core essence and purpose has not been lost over the centuries. What is ultimately beautiful is that it has manifested into a respected emblem in Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism and more.

For Hoda, she chose the khamsa to be her logo because she champions that her products bring her customers happiness and good health given their 100% natural base: “Everything that happens in the universe begins with our intention,” referring to the importance of having apositive outlook on life, “I want my clients to experience something new, something that really works from the inside out and always keep in mind there is an abundance of happiness, luck & good fortune in this world. I think the khamsa is the perfect reminder of all that.”

The khamsa is perfect for Hoda and Argawise because the company prides itself on its feel good positive and protective base that is complementary of the khamsa’s purpose. Hoda wants ArgaWise lovers to relate to the symbol and see the parallels of what they are buying and using vs. what the brand represents.

When asked how her clients react to her logo she says, “There is always a conversation about it with my clients, which is very interesting for me,” Hoda explained, “Some know what it is, others are just drawn to it, and want to know what it means.” She feels blessed that she gets to impart the story and purpose behind this historic and cultural symbol.

Argawise has been operating for almost a year, and sells argan oil based products for the hair, face and body, imported from Morocco directly. Find out more about Argawise today here.

By Sarah Hassaine


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