I am so grateful for my customers, these reviews just make my day. This, is what gets me going. Read on, I hope you’ll join in the experience — Hoda

I have tried all four of the Agrawise products sold on the web and love them all! I have been using other brands of Argan oil products for a few years now, but I truly think that Agrawise’s hair treatment oil is the best at reducing static in my hair during winter. The jasmine body oil smells divine with it’s true flowery scent and yet not overpowering. The pure argan oil and body oil splash both serve as great multi-purpose products. And the icing on the cake is the cute packaging! I hope there are lip products or body lotion products in the Agrawise future 🙂

— Dana Tuttolomondo


Hi hoda..Just a note to let you know i got my beautiful package today and so loved it! So love the orange blossom mist and and hair oil smells divine! the jasmine oil is great too please make more products so i can get more packages!!

— Denise Chaoub


I have oily skin, so I was at first reluctant in using argan oil, or any kind of oil for that matter, then I decided to give it a try!I certainly don’t regret it!I have been using ARGAWISE on my face for the past few weeks, and the results are unbelievable;I had brown spots that magically faded away and acne that is 100% eradicated.
I strongly advise anyone with skin issues to use it.I just canceled a facial appointment, because I simply don’t need facials anymore.THANK YOU ARGAWISE!

— Atika BZ


Well…I’ve been using it on my hair n my skin for over a week now. I haven’t had a knot in my hair since n I absolutely love it! No need to use the many different I’ve used in the past! This REALLY works!

— Raphaelle Hiel


Just received our Argan Oil!!! I’m so excited about it and bought one for my friend, too. The packaging was such a nice surprise and beautifully done! Thank you! Oh, and you added a special little something in it, too. I’m beyond thrilled with Argawise. Thank you from Florida! Carol Slaven Knutson


Just bought the body oil and falling in love with that, too! I love how it takes away the aging on my neck. Thank you!!!

— Carol Slaven Knutson


I love love the face oil i cant wait until get more Hinde Ahzi introduced me to Argawise thank you for bringing such organic and beneficial product..

— Hind Tiane


Luv argawise! the hair tonic smells divine! luv the design on the bottles also!orange mist is my favorite!

— Denise Chaoub


Been using Argan Oil from Hoda’s collection for over a week..loove hair feels silky and don’t have to blow dry it straight anymore..Great green initiative 🙂 Thanks Houds-I’m hooked!!

— Mounia C. Daniels


I’ve been using Argan oil for a about a week and a half now and my skin feels so much smoother and my breakout dried out in no time! Love it!!

— Widad Aziz


I love this lightweight oil. it feels so wonderful on the skin! it makes my face so soft, relieves any dryness and doesn’t feel oily, It’s great on the hair too! Amazing product!!

— Loubna Ghalmi


The best thing for skin and hair HANDS DOWN! thank you Hoda for providing us with these treasures!!!

— Jinane Abbadi


It’s been about a month now with Argan Oil and I’m in love! My face has never looked this good! I’ve tossed all my face products and use only your oil. Thank you for saving me money and for making my face glow!!! I’m going to try your hair oil on my next order!

— Carol Slaven Knutson


It’s been a while since my skin felt soft and rejuvenated. Thank you Argawise for bringing a healthy and organic product to the market.

— Najat H.


I must say, I LOVE Argawise pure Argan Oil. I had been hearing about Argan Oil for awhile and got really interested in it for the benefits that I had been reading about. I had the pleasure of Meeting Hoda at an event, just HAD to get a large bottle and all I can say is WOW – it is the BEST product per the ingredient list that I have found out there (I have to say, I didn’t purchase the others because of the ingredients). I love it for my and my kids hair. We swim A LOT in the summer and we use it after the pool/beach and we can comb through it easily by just using 2 drops on the ends of their hair. We also use it, as she directed us to, before washing our hair – it is simply the GO TO product on the market today. I will be a forever customer – because it works! Thank you helping me solve a major problem with my kids and summer hair (for all of us mind you!) – I implore all of you, try it, you will be happy that you have some in your house for the many more benefits that it can provide!

— Laureen Forman


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