Live your life being YOU..


We often hear these stories, about people on their death beds, whispering what they wished they had done in their lives… Who wants to live (or die for that matter) with regrets?!!
Is there a greater gift we can give ourselves than being true and loving to ourselves, our emotions and needs?
Everything that we are—physical, emotional, intellectual—is the result of prior biological and social conditions… Can you remember the last time you cried? If you do, will you admit it? 

Being emotionally vulnerable, from time to time, is a must. As humans, we do need a free release of emotions. And, strangely enough, only the strongest amongst us do it well.  

Our strength is not in walling up our emotions and putting on a tough face, but rather, it’s in the acknowledgement of our pain, anger, sadness, loneliness, fear…

My husband @FasTake sent me this amazing Brené Brown Video, where she shares a deep insight from her research about Human connection & emotion vulnerability.. Enjoy & Share.. And don’t forget, We all are beautifully human.


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